Review: CXL Growth Marketing (Week 4)

Shwetha Ashokumar
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Hey there!

Welcome back to the CXL Growth Marketing course review.

To give you a brief, I am taking this course on Growth Marketing by CXL. Every week, I publish my review on what I have learned from this course. If you are new here, please go through the previous parts.

In this blog, I am going to review the last courses of the second module — Running growth experiments.

Course 7: A/B Testing Master Course by Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling started with building websites in 1998, became a digital analyst & optimizer in 2002, started A/B-testing in 2004 and became a CRO contractor in 2006.

Since 2006 he has helped over 50 organizations with their conversion optimization challenges. His CRO work experience ranges from travel to retail and from publishing to government. He has been working with local and international clients, from scale-ups to enterprise organizations, from digital-first to digitally “not yet transformed”.

Over the years he has created conversion agencies, conversion-related websites and tools, conversion training courses and conversion events. In this course he explains in detail everything a marketer needs to know about A/B testing. The course consists of 17 lessons and a bonus followed by the test which you need to pass to complete the course.

  1. History of A/B testing

In this lesson, tom walks us through how A/B testing started and evolved over the last decade.

2. The Value

In this lesson you will:

  • Understand what effectiveness can bring you on top of efficiency
  • Understand the position of A/B-testing within the hierarchy of evidence

3. When to use it

In this lesson, you will understand in what situations A/B-testing can be valuable and how it should be applied.

4. Do you have enough data to conduct A/B tests?

This lesson,

  • Introduces the “ROAR” rule of thumb model
  • Explains statistical Power
  • Teaches how to calculate if you have enough data to conduct A/B-tests

5. Which KPI to pick?

This lesson helps you understand when to pick what kind of KPI and how to set up an OEC.

6. Research to get insights for your A/B tests

After this lesson, you will have an:

  • Understanding of the 6V research model and how it can be used to generate user behavior insights
  • Understanding of why and how to gather insights on: View, Voice, Versus, Validated, Verified and Value

7. Hypothesis setting

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn why it’s good to write a hypothesis before you run a growth or research experiment
  • Learn how to write a proper hypothesis

8. Prioritize your A/B tests

After this lesson, you will:

  • Understand when you should apply what kind of prioritization model
  • Understand how to use a prioritization model and transfer it to an A/B-test roadmap

9. Design, Develop, and QA your A/B test

In this lesson, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of:

  • Designing an A/B-test
  • Developing an A/B-test
  • Quality Assuring an A/B-test

10. Configure your A/B test in your tool

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn how to configure a proper A/B-test and what consequences certain options may have
  • Understand pre-testing en post-testing
  • Understand the value of making an analytics connection

11. How to calculate the length of your A/B test

In this lesson you will:

  • Learn how to calculate the scheduled length of your A/B-test
  • Understand how you could shorten the length of your A/B-tests
  • Understand why you should not continue an A/B-test when it’s finished

12. Monitoring your A/B test

In this lesson you will:

  • Understand what needs to be monitored during your A/B-test
  • Understand when it makes sense to stop your A/B-test early

13. A/B Test Outcomes

In this lesson you will:

  • Understand when your A/B-test is a winner
  • Learn what to do when your A/B-test is not a winner.
  • Understand when to do a behavioral analysis

14. Presenting your learnings

After this lesson you will:

  • Understand what information is valuable to present to which people
  • Be able to create an A/B-test outcome presentation template that leads to action

15. Business case calculations

After this lesson you will:

  • Understand why the result of your A/B-test program is not the sum of all A/B-winners
  • Learn how to make a proper business case calculation of you’re A/B-test program

16. Scaling up testing

After this lesson you will:

  • Understand the balance between quality and quantity while scaling up A/B-testing
  • Understand the most logical maturity growth path (and the big pitfall) of A/B-testing throughout your whole organization

17. Sharing and scaling insights

After this lesson you will:

  • Understand the value of building an archive
  • Understand what is interesting to “tag” while filling your archive
  • Learn how meta studies of your A/B-tests can can be used for better decision making

Course 8: Statistics fundamentals for testing by Ben Labay

Ben Labay is the Managing Director at Speero by CXL, Artist, and Conservation Science Consultant. He has 10+ years of experience in Academia and Conservation Science, and 5+ years working experience in the marketing and digital industries.

He is highly skilled in Research, data and Stats principles, followed by sales and public speaking and client relations, and has applied these skills in different domains like B2B, Ecommerce, Online experimentation, UX, Management, Technical Writing, and Digital Marketing.

In this course, Ben explains why you need to know basic statistics to evaluate test results or even case studies of A/B testing. This course is an overview of the statistical concepts that every digital marketer and certainly every CRO should know.

This course will cover:

  • Sampling — Populations, Parameters, & Statistics
  • Mean, Variance, and Confidence intervals
  • What statistical significance (p-value)is and isn’t
  • Statistical Power
  • Sample size and how to calculate it
  • Regression To The Mean & Sampling Error
  • 4 Statistics Traps to Look Out For

Hope you found this useful. Watch out this space for more.



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